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Preschool Curriculum

Your children learn life’s most valuable lessons through play. With this understanding, we have supplemented your child’s curriculum with hands-on materials which the children manipulate themselves. With the teacher’s supervision, children are learning concepts as patterning and measuring, estimation, counting, number words, beginning and ending, sounds, more and less, comparisons and much, much more. The materials which the children are using to learn these concepts are bright, colorful and age-appropriate. At Los Altos United Methodist Preschool our curriculum is theme based with focus on the following areas:

Circle Time:Circle time is a time if the day when the children gather at the carpet for a fun and special time of learning. There are several circle times each day. Activities that take place during “rug time” are: story time, topic of the week, skill development, opposites, sizes, manners, comparison, health practices, sequencing, vocabulary expansion, alphabet and number reviews. These are all teacher directed activities.

Creative Art: Paper, magazines, scissors, markers, crayons are provided every day. A teacher directed art activity is provided every day which will reflect the theme. Children also have the opportunity to create their own, individual art.

Dramatic Play: The dramatic play center is a place for imagination. The children enjoy dressing up and role playing in this center. The children have access to hats, shoes, jewelry, play money, telephones, food, dishes and baby dolls.

Language & Library: Literature is a very important part of our day. The children are read to and encouraged to take part in daily library time. Using flashcards, felt stories, ABC crafts and songs, children learn letter recognition and letter sound.

Math & Manipulatives: Numbers are introduced in age appropriate ways through class time projects and activities such as sorting, counting objects, charting and writing. Number sense is also developed through incidental learning that goes on in the classrooms.

Music & Movement: Music is explored every day in many ways. Musical instruments are found in each classroom. Songs are taught during rug time. Tapes and CD’s are often played. All styles of music are introduced and explores. Exercise is another part of music time. The children have an opportunity every day to move and work out to music.

Outside Activity: Outside time is a great time for children to work on their fine motor skills through hopping, skipping, jumping, basketball, bikes, balancing, running and other sports. Children also have access to blocks, bubbles, jump ropes and art materials.

Praise Time: Each Wednesday and Thursday the classes gather in the chapel for fun and fellowship. This special time is called “Praise time”. A member of the church clergy leads us in various songs, finger plays, stories and activities. Praise songs and prayers of thanksgiving are said before snack and lunch daily. This special time of worship and praise is an introduction to Gods’ Word.

Science & Sensory: The science center holds such items as magnifying glasses, shells, rocks, plants, classroom pets and several other items the children can explore and touch.

LAUM Preschool Curriculum

Prepared by LAUMPS Staff


Week 1. Welcome To LAUMPS

Week 2. We Are Family

Week 3. Me and My Emotions

Week 4. Five Senses


Week 1. Spread The Love

Week 2. Presidents

Week 3. Music Appreciation

Week 4. Dr. Seuss


Week 1. Apples

Week 2. Fall

Week 3. Transportation

Week 4. Halloween


Week 1. Loving Our Pets

Week 2. At The Zoo

Week 3. Insects

Week 4. Rain, Rain Go Away


Week 1. Community Helpers

Week 2. On The Farm

Week 3. Thanksgiving

Week 4. Thanksgiving

Week 5: Harvest Time


Week 1. Spring Flowers

Week 2. Keep The Earth Healthy

Week 3. Easter

Week 4. Mixing Colors


Week 1. Let It Snow

Week 2. Holidays Around The World

Week 3. Merry Christmas


Week 1. ABC's and 123's

Week 2. Shapes and Sizes

Week 3. Pairs and Matching

Week 4. All About Summer


Week 1. Brushing My Teeth

Week 2. Kitchen Capers & Healthy Eating

Week 3. Fun With Sports

Week 4. Black History


Week 1. All About Summer

Week 2. Frogs and Toads

June, July and August is

TOADally Extreme Explorers

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